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About Dana

Intellectually curious, passionate, and grounded in intuition, Dana Look-Arimoto has always felt that is in her DNA to understand and decode challenges around her. It is a core value that has served her well throughout her life.

My decades of networking, managing, mentoring, and developing thousands of individuals and leadership teams, as well as founding my own coaching company, Phoenix5, have given me a wealth of experience when it comes to helping people master their faceted selves. It was these years of accumulated evidence that birthed the Stop Settling method, mindset, and movement. Stop Settling®. offers a sustainable alternative to the work-life balance myth through a simple composite stratagem/domain charting that frees companies and professionals from giving in and giving up on sustainable success. 


Growing from the method, mindset, and movement of Stop Settling®, Dana released her first book, Stop Settling, Settle Smart: Rethinking Work-life Balance, Redesign Your Busy Life, in February of 2019.