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Be the Leader of Your Life: Holistic Approach to Leadership

What does your day look like? You wake up, get ready, grab a bite to eat and coffee, drop off kids if you have any, and go to work. As you sit in the slow trudge of morning traffic, you start to think about everything you are going to do at work. The more you think about it, the more a transformation takes place. 

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Shift Dynamics: Embrace Change in your Life with these 2 Easy Tips

Change is inevitable. We all know this. But recognizing and reacting to the changes that occur to you, around you, for, and because of you is not. You have the power of choice over the dynamic shifts that happen in your life. Adapting to change may be hard, however, so I wanted to share a couple tips that have helped me deal with the shift dynamics in my own holistic life at work and in relationships.

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