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168 Hours: How To Wisely Manage Your Time

“I just don’t have enough time,” is a phrase that is tossed around so often that is basically a cliché. With our busy and chaotic lives, we constantly feel like there just isn’t enough time to do everything. But, the question we should actually be asking ourselves is, “Am I using my time to the fullest?”

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How Strengths Finder Elevates My Coaching Business

**Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored in any way. I genuinely just love this thing.

Since the inception of Strengths Finder, I have been a raving fan. I’ve used it over 700 times. While I was running companies, I had every single person map their strengths into the matrix of the company. And today, I use it as a coach. I use Strengths Finder as a baseline with all of my coaching clients. And what I have found to be true, over and over, is that it has no equal in showing you where people belong in terms of role, goal, and capabilities.

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Contribution V. Behavior: Money Doesn’t Excuse Bad Behavior

How many of us have been in that infuriating situation at work when we see that someone doesn’t have to play by the rules just because they are a heavy hitter when it comes to bringing in new clients or because they are a top contributor to the company? Maybe we’ve seen it, been on their team, or even been their boss. These people get away with behavior that conflicts with company culture, and sometimes even company policy, but they’re untouchable because of their value. The truth of the matter is that no matter how big of a contributor a person is, you cannot allow them to be treated differently especially if it impacts the people they work with, their clients, or the company as a whole.

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