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Bamboo Forest of Never Settling

As I coach my clients on the Stop Settling™ mindset, I become more aware of the places I have settled and not settled in my life. Settling, or not settling, can take form in so many different ways, that sometimes it can be difficult to discern which you are doing. So, I want to share a couple of stories with you and while you read this, think about whether or not I settled.

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Stop "Shoulding" Yourself

People are constantly shoulding themselves. As I go through my life and coach more and more clients, I’ve become hyper-aware of the constant self-harm via “should.” You should do this, you should not do that. The use of should has become so ingrained in our everyday language that most of us don’t realize how often we use it and we definitely don’t see the effect it has on the people with whom we are communicating. Shoulds are not only confusing and convoluting messages to your kids, in a business context, they are a way to not actually address what you should or should not do. Stop the madness.

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Hero Syndrome: A High Pedestal to Fall Off

In more recent years, many workplace issues have come under the spotlight: diversity, benefits, work-day length, etc. For this article, however, I want to discuss the underdog of workplace issues, the Hero Syndrome.

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