"My role as a coach is to infuse the process with straight talk and take advice out of the realm of ambiguity."

Dana Look-Arimoto, founder of Phoenix5

Decades of networking, managing, mentoring, and developing thousands of individuals and leadership teams has led me to start my own company Phoenix®, advising organizations on their people practices and the future of the workforce.  I am committed to educate and elevate the F2000, startups, nonprofits, and individuals alike to create leadership that counts.

My  3-Step StrataGEM® package will transform your organization in an accelerated way with maximum return.

"I knew that the coaching work I've been doing with Dana over the past five months was really working when I started hating her! This is where the growth comes from. My team and executive colleagues have noticed the difference, which fuels my confidence and results."

- Jonathan F. Kestenbaum 
Executive Director, Talent Tech Labs
Stop Settling,
Settle Smart

Stop Settling® is a method, a mindset, and a movement that helps you understand who you are and what’s important to you

Professional Speaking

I am a renowned expert and speaker on leadership, the future of work, and the technologies that enable how work gets done.

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